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Ruby 9

Ruby is gem quality corundum that may be any color of red depending on the chromium and iron content of the stone. Generally, ruby is quite durable. Still, rubies are subject to chipping and fractures if handled roughly. Rubies are found worldwide. The finest stones are from Myanmar. Bright red stones are mined in: Afganistan, Pakistan, Vietnam. Brownish-red rubies are from Thailand. Darker stones are generally produced from the mines in Australia, India, Russia and USA (Georgia, North Carolina, Wyoming, Montana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.). Recently ruby deposits have been discovered in Greenland. Prices are determined by color. The brightest red rubies called pigeon blood red, are more valuable than other rubies of similar quality. Red spinel is often mistaken as rubies by people lacking experience. Fine red spinels may approach the average ruby in value.

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